Sunday, April 18, 2010

My life as it is now...

So I realize it's been eleven months since I've posted, and ten months since I came to college, but I do regularly update things on Facebook, that should count for something right? Well, I'll give a really quick update about the past few months, but I figure I'll post more about what's going on right now.
So, I've been at BYU since June 2009. Since then, I've gone Summer term, Fall semester, and I'm now on the last week of Winter semester. I was accepted into my major--Communications with a Public Relations emphasis--this past February.
Now I know that a couple of you have been wondering about Brian, the guy in my profile picture on Facebook. We've been dating for just less than a month, he's from South Jordan, and he's a Physics major with an emphasis on Astronomy. Also, a total nerd. Now before any of you get any crazy ideas in your head, he is nineteen; therefore, he still needs to go on a mission.
So, I'm in the middle of finals week right now. I've taken my Living Prophets final, my Market Management final, and my World Civ. through 1500 final. I still have Book of Mormon 2 and Econ 110. Those are for Monday, then I am going to pack it up, spend my last couple of days with my roommate Brianna, her boyfriend, Lyndon, and Brian. On Thursday I am headed to Washington with Brianna, which I am SO excited for. Her parents will be out of town for a week, and I'm playing chauffeur, she's legally blind, so she doesn't have her license. So we get to hang out, and I'll drive her siblings to school.
After that, I'll be moving into my new apartment off campus. I'm taking a break from classes until Fall, which is when I get to have SO much fun with my PR classes.
Anyway, I don't have much more to say, so I'll post a few pictures.
Me and My roommate Tessa

Nick, Corrine, Sarah (My RA), Jenna, Brian, Daniel, Cameron, Me

Ben, Jeremy, Jasmin, Me, Joseph, some girl I don't know, Lyndon
Brian and me at a Ward Activity
Robert and I at Jump On It with friends

Brianna *the girl I am going to Washington with* and me
Me with my friend Ben Issa at Divine Comedy
Summer roommates: Standing: Lesley, Ashley, Mackenzie, Me Sitting/Laying: Sydni, Shelby
Last day in Summer Me, Ashley, Lesley, Mackenzie, Sydni

Summer FHE group. Back starting with the guy whose arms are weird, Jeff, James, Chad, Devin (hiding behind Alex), Alex Middle: Lesley, Shelby, Ashley, Mackenzie Front: Sydni, Me

Summer roomies being spies with a ransom note: Shelby, Lesley, Me, Ashley, Mackenzie, Sydni

I'll post more pictures and maybe a few fun stories later. :)

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