Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Oh my goodness...

Oh my goodness... I can't believe you people!! Well, some of you anyway. Do you have ANY idea how paranoid I was? Bree is the only one who can answer yes on that one. For those of you who are kinda clueless right now, I was answered. Thomas got me back in a sneaky maniacal way. He allowed me to get paranoid. I was constantly on my guard, I was told to clean my room, which took FOREVER, and I had the constant flood of grins around me whenever I walked into a classroom... Then when he hadn't answered me, but asked what the plans for Friday were. I told him, you don't get to know until I am answered smart one. To which he said, what? I've already answered... I did... you didn't get that? Was that not your house? I'm like... what? do you know where I live? and he said I thought so... He looked so worried, and I'm like... oh this isn't good. Eventually he just grinned and said just kidding! The answer is yes! How scared were you? Well... it was ridiculous how worried I was. I was just waiting for policemen to break down my door!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cheap Labor

As most of you know, I absolutely hate cleaning my room. I have NO idea how it gets so messy. I'm never even in there! Right now it is basically a disaster. However, I have received a warning from my mother, she said that I might want to clean my room... and I saw Thomas' number on the Caller ID. Now I'm a reasonable person and I don't want him to see my room in its current state. On the other hand, I didn't want to make the effort to clean out under my bed. I don't know why everything ends up there, but it does. Anyway, my little sister Emily is eight years old, and she likes to help me clean my room if I pay her a quarter. So I went to her and said, "Hey Emily, I'll give you a quarter if you help me clean my room." I usually have her just clear everything out from under my bed and I'll give her some little assignment to make her feel special, such as carrying the dirty clothes basket upstairs, organizing my stuff into piles, etc. She actually enjoys it. But today she wasn't going to come as cheap. "Four quarters," she told me. I was shocked, we always go with the one quarter deal, it's tradition! Plus, anything that I don't want that she does, she keeps. So I told her "One quarter, one dime, and one nickel." She wouldn't settle for that either. Eventually we settled on three quarters and getting to use Squiggles (my blue hippo stuffed animal) for one night. She decided she wanted to sort my clothes, so being the kind person I am, I let her. She kept holding them up to herself, and trying to act like me. It was rather interesting... Then she saw my candy stash. I really haven't eaten much of my Easter candy which shocked her, because hers is usually gone within a week. I guess I haven't had Heather and Bree over often enough... After she hopped off to go watch American Idol she left me with strict instructions. "Okay, your room has to be clean for one whole week, or I'll never help you again... even if you pay me. Every night make sure your clothes are put away, and whenever you use something, put it away right after you use it! Is that clear?!" Wow... what has this world come to... Anyway, I guess I'd better get back to cleaning that room, this could take a while.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Chemistry Issues

Anyway, here is my first little story. I was in Mrs. Walter's AP Chem class... (I love the teacher, love the students, HATE the subject) and we were learning (sort of) something new. I was not getting it (as usual) but I could regurgitate any information she told me, and I could explain it to someone. I'd give analogies, examples, the works, but I had NO idea what I was saying. So I kept asking questions, Mrs. Walter thought I was just trying to stall for time. She thought if I could explain it so well, I MUST understand... which is a reasonable assumption. However, I was not trying to stall (for once) I honestly did not understand anything about what I was saying. She was just flabbergasted. We also realized one of my biggest problems, on tests I could answer the questions, because I just knew where the numbers went, but I had NO idea what it meant in the end. I could tell you how to do PV=nRT problems, and I could tell you how to solve of k=[A]^m x [B]^n, but I had no idea what it meant when I said that m and n equal the order. So we decided that from now on, whenever I explain anything, she'll have me break it down and tell her what it really means. She said she's never had a student like me, who she honestly couldn't get through to even if we are both trying. Yeah, I'm messed up... if only we had realized this earlier in the year, maybe then I'd have a shot at the AP test. Eh, maybe I would have even signed up for it! Oh the joys of science.

New Blog

Hurray! I have finally joined the realm of bloggers... I'm kinda new at this so I'll see how this goes. I'll post random little stories and fun stuff on here... Enjoy!