Thursday, July 10, 2008


I haven't posted in a VERY long time... Let's see... I've been to EFY, camping, Idaho, I took the ACT, June passed by, i went to a leadership conference at USU. It's been crazy. I'll just tell you a little about each trip.

EFY was nothing short of AMAZING. I liked my other two years better, but it was still amazing. I met some great guys, and great girls. We had fabulous lessons. Bro. Larson was probably my favorite teacher. It was really cool. If you want any more details you can talk to me, because I really don't like typing it all up.

Camping was tolerable, but playing with the canoe was a blast and a half. I didn't like being dirty but it was fun. My family went with the Ballamis family from down the street. Lots of games, and fun I suppose.

The ACT was nothing short of evil. I studied *I know shocking* and my daddy gave me a blessing before I took it. Everything ended up paying off. I received a 30 as my overall score. I had a 32 on English, a 29 on Math, a 34 on Reading, and a 25 on Science. Guess which section was hardest for me?

I went up to Logan for a leadership conference at USU with Emily Greenwood and Caren Rawlinson. I ended up getting a terrible sunburn from the ropes course, I beat my record in bowling, *previously my non-bumper record was 20*, my top score was a 79!! Yay!! I learned a lot from excellent teachers. The highlight though was meeting Elder L. Tom Perry. He gave an amazing speech.

Idaho was fun, I stayed with my cousins, Sarah, Jared, and Rhett. They had two Germans staying with them Annika and Niko (sp?). We played in the pool just before 11 p.m., and during the day too of course. We went boating, and we had our usual 4th of July celebrations. It was a load of fun.

Oh, and I went boating for mutual. I ended up doing a back flip off of the four person tube and landing on my neck! It was soo much fun! that was the last activity I had with my old YW leaders. My new ones are fun too.

Anyway, that is most of my summer so far...